Robot Demos – A Script for Two Actors

Robot Demos – A Script for Two Actors

We are betrayed by technology. The media is trying to conceal our fundamental and structural inability to communicate. The story of Robot Demos deals with a robot, a plot, a psychoanalyst, a scientist, a double-agent, a librarian, philosophy, chess, an art manifesto, a young revolutionary, prophesied profits, real-dolls, a joke, and what robots might have to say about democracy.

Robot Demos – A Script for Two Actors was printed in an edition of 50 posters screen-printed by artist Quentin Lannes in December 2013, on a proposition by Lannes at the occasion of the event Ouverture d’atelier, artiste invité Quentin Lannes, Chez Julie Fortier, Studio Prouff, Rennes, France, 12 December 2013.

The poster/booklet is available to print at home here.


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