Cocktail Games, La Ludothèque éphémère

Cocktail Games – La Ludothèque éphémère du 8, rue Saint-Bon, 8, rue Saint-Bon, Paris, 2015

In conjunction with the exhibition “Expanding The Field of The Game” (Espace 315, Centre Pompidou, June 18–July 20, 2015), 8 rue Saint-Bon was transformed into an artists’ games club for a couple of weeks. Between Fluxus’ playful experiments, the influence of “gamification” on contemporary occidental societies, and the artists’ desire to create parallel worlds, “Cocktail Games” gathers together all types of games: playing cards; board games; group or single-player activities; fantastical, home-made, nerdy, and cabalistic games. They are on display during the exhibition but are also there to be played, activated and reinvented during weekly events. George Brecht meets Ravensburger!

With games and participation from: Lorraine Châteaux, Amélie Dubois, Timothée Dufresne, Thomas Lannette, Olive Martin & Patrick Bernier, Eliana Otta, Olivia Plender, Matteo Rubbi, The Big Conversation Space, Elsa Werth, Carla Zaccagnini and the collective Lauenen.

Game play furniture designed by Maxime Bondu & Blaise Parmentier

Photos Aurélien Mole / 8, rue Saint-Bon (Paris)